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Compact base

The Nailgel Compact base gel product line offers a wide selection of high-quality nail building materials. This primer and strengthening artificial nail material are available in numerous shades in our online store, allowing you to achieve stunning effects!

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Nail added the InSpirit gel varnish collection in the spring of 2023. As the name suggests, we want to inspire you. Our product line will definitely bring spring, freshness to you, since we have come up with an amazing range of colours. And this season also includes a bright, spring-like, flowered nail. But what should you know about our InSpirit gel varnish product line? They are a medium-dense gel varnish with a high pigmentation, creamy consistency, and even a single layer of cover. Another positive feature of the Nail InSpirit gel varnish is that it is self-levelling, so it does not flow into the ramparts. 3-step gel varnish, which is a lively, but at the same time elegant colour is a favourite of all your guests.

Because spring is a season of renewal, your guests like to refresh their appearance. Therefore, in this period, the InSpirit gel varnish collection is the right choice! With the collection, you'll be smuggling a breath of fresh, springtime gaiety to your guests' fingernails. Remember, colours have always been important, both for clothing and jewellery, and nowadays also for trendy nails. With the Nailgel brand, you bring fashionable colours to your nail studio not only in the spring, but in any season. Remember, the cheerful colours on every nail look good, whether your guest is young or older. With the Nail InSpirit gel varnishes, you can enjoy the freshness and freshness of spring at any time, so your nail salon can't miss the novelty of spring, the InSpirit gel varnish collection!